Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week in Review

Because of my busy week saving lives and the exhaustion that comes with it, working out fell to the wayside this week.  Plus my hip was incredibly sore after so much kicking in the pool.  I didn't do much - one swim, one bike, one weight lifting session, and two walks on the treadmill.  And all of that was finished by Wednesday.  Thursday through the rest of the weekend, well, I was just too tired.  I'll try again next week. 

Swim - 300 yards
Yep 300 yards.  That was the swimming portion of the lifeguarding test.  I wonder how much I actually swam the rest of the weekend with the abundance of rescues we had to do?

Bike - 5.29 miles
I did one bike on Tuesday evening.  It was only a half hour on the trainer.  I'm sick of biking.  I don't like biking.  When I get the all clear to go back to running, I think running is going to be my primary focus.

Strength training - 0.25 hours
Toe raises, dips with feet on the stability ball, dirty 30s (bicep curls, shoulder/flys, tricep kickbacks), side planks, reverse crunches, chin-ups, back extensions, horizontal rows, pushup rows, and skull crushers.

Walking - 3.5 miles
Most days we were given an hour for lunch.  I would eat my lunch quickly, by myself, and then hit the treadmill for a slow walk.  Yes, I have not technically been cleared to walk for exercise, but I'm also going 20 minute/miles.  That's what I would do if I were taking the dog for a walk.  I'm assuming it's alright.

It's now been eight weeks since I last ran.  I'm starting to get itchy.  I need to run.  I want to run.  Thursday I have my doctor's appointment.  I don't have my hopes set very high for running, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.

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Carina said...

Hope Thurs goes well!