Wednesday, July 01, 2015

June Totals

Wow!  June went fast!  It was a jam-packed month filled with some working out, much loving on my boy, and lots and lots of work around the house.  Oh, and I took a picture every day and blogged every day (except for last Wednesday - darn it!).

Swimming - 15,700 yards ~ 8.9 miles
Really, I should have swam a lot more than this considering it was the only exercise I could do for the majority of the month.  I had a hard time motivation myself, though, to go to the Y and just pull in the water.  By the end of the month I was doing a little kicking, but generally these workouts are slow and short.

Biking - 28.92 miles
I got the green light to ride my bike in the middle of the month.  I have done some spinning, although keeping it light and all inside on the trainer.  The most I've done is 40 minutes.  I'm hoping to build back up to an hour soon.

Walking - 2 miles
I have yet to be cleared for aerobic walking, but I have done a little, keeping it nice and light and SLOW on the treadmill.  Seriously, 20 minute miles.  I want to walk more, but I'll keep it super slow and easy until the doctor officially gives me the okay.

I don't have any official numbers to report, but I have been doing some strength.  I've mostly kept to seated weight lifting and core, although I have done very light weights standing up.  No lunges or squats just yet.

I feel like I've been in the YMCA one billion times in the last 7 weeks (more on this tomorrow), although it was really only 20 visits between the three of us in June.  That's a cost per visit of $4.27.

My next doctor's appointment is in the middle of July so hopefully the swimbikerunwalkstrength numbers will only continue to grow as the summer goes on.

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