Friday, July 31, 2015

Foto Friday

I'm so behind.  I don't know where the last two weeks have gone but, obviously, no time has been devoted to this blog.  Get ready to be inundated with pictures...

Day #47 - Playing around with Grandpa.

 Day #48 - My brother-in-law is a real life farmer.  He took Anderson out on the combine.  I have to admit, I was jealous.

 Day #49 - National Ice Cream Day!!!

Day #50 - This was my Tonka truck when I was younger.  I remember it being much bigger.

 Day #51 - My parents, Anderson, and I went on a long bike ride around town.  We made it back just before the sun set.

 Day #52 - Anderson talks a lot about my tattoo, so I gave him one.  Like what it says?

Day #53 - How about a little #tbt?  He still had his baby fat and no teeth.

 Day #54 - I asked Anderson to smile and this is what I got.

Day #55 - The Home Depot.  Our second home.  Anderson looks so thrilled to be here again.

 Day #56 - This one is Anderson's "performance art."  Notice his feet on the drying rack?  He calls it "Bird in Tree."

 Day #57 - Lifeguard Anderson reporting for duty.

 Day #58 - My new t-shirt.  I mean, how cool is this?!

 Day #59 - I call this game Smooshie Face.  Anderson calls it Eat Mama's Face.

 Day #60 - Anderson loves to read.  I love that he loves to read.

Only 40 days left in this project and it's getting harder and harder.  I'm back into regular exercise (sort of) and started my job and we've been putting in a lot of hours in projects around the house.  Sometimes it's 10:00pm and I still haven't remembered to take a picture.  Must.Try.Harder!

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