Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Got Caught Cheating

No it's not what you think.

I mentioned a few days ago that without running I don't particularly have a lot of self confidence.  I've gained about 6 pounds without running and just feel really blah about myself right now. What does a woman do when she feels awful about herself?  Well, she cuts her hair.

A few weeks ago I got a haircut.  The goal was a long pixie, or a Lixie as I'm calling it.  Unfortunately, the cut was a little off and had a distinct "mom hair" look to it.  I suppose at 37 and a mom that's appropriate, but I want to be a cool mom.  So, it was time to go back to the pixie.  I like the pixie.  I just worry sometimes that I look like a boy.  I'm working on my wardrobe so maybe that will help.

Anyway, when I get the idea in my head to cut my hair, I want to do it and do it now.  Don't think about it or else you'll back out.  The chick that usually cuts my hair was unavailable until late next week.  No, NOW!!!  I made an appointment at the usual salon with a chick who had availability first thing this morning.

Wouldn't you know as soon as I walked in the salon the first person I saw was the chick who usually cuts my hair?  Busted!  I had a hard time explaining that one away.  I wasn't cheating on her!  Her availability wasn't what I needed/wanted.

The chick who cut my hair had the personality of a door knob but she did do a good job cutting my hair.  Although I love the haircut, next time I'll go back to my usual girl so I don't have a guilty conscious about just cutting my hair.

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