Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Big Accomplishments

The other day I posted my "List for Life"--things I want to accomplish before I die. To my surprise I really didn't get much response on your lists. Today I was thinking about the things I've already accomplished. Here are some that I thought of off the top of my head.

- State title in floor exercise (gymnastics)
- Walking on OSU's women's crew team and racing in the novice A boat
- Graduating with a degree in engineering
- Running my first marathon
- Qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon
- Completing my first half Ironman

What are the things you feel like were big accomplishments in your life? What are your goals now? What's holding you back from accomplishing your goals? What are your smaller goals that you can accomplish NOW? (I've really been inspired the last couple of weeks; can you tell?)


Dave said...

Here's a few of mine so far:

Selected into OSU marching band
Ran a marathon
Graduated college
Co-author on a paper published in a scientific journal

Right now, my goal is to earn a USFA ranking in fencing. Got my equipment, now I just have to make it happen!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Something that I've already accomplished was to run a marathon. I've completed 2 now, so next up is to break the 4 hour mark. Graduating from college was on my list, I've recently went back to school, so hopefully I will be crossing that one off soon.

Dave said...

Congrats, JKR! 4 hours would be my next goal for a marathon, too.

Good luck on the return to school, too!

Nic said...

Wow, we have a lot of the same accomplishments to date! Engineering, marathon... I'll replace state title in gymnastics with some titles in dance at local and national levels. (Not as hierarchical as sports, though...)I've also moved to San Francisco, which was a huge one.

I am still thinking about what else is left to accomplish. I want it to be good - but qualifying and running Boston are on the list!