Monday, March 13, 2006

Proud Mama

I spent a wildly, exciting Friday evening perusing Myspace to see if any of my athletes had anything out there. And I found quite a few of them. But ALL of them were clean. I was so proud. The 'worse' one I saw out there said she liked to make out, but she's a freshman in college so I don't really think that's all that bad. I think when I was a freshman in college I also enjoyed making out. :) Most of the Myspaces had lots of pictures from various social gatherings like Homecoming and Powder Puff, one of them had a list of their favorite Christian music, and another said he didn't want to lose his virginity until he was married. I was a proud mama after finding all that.

I ran a good 15 miles on Saturday. And surprisingly, my hip has totally stopped hurting. It's a holiday miracle!!! This week includes the big 20 miler and new shoes will be opened today. The training is almost complete!!!

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jeff said...

it's awesome to know that you've got a good group of kids. now, you just have to drop little lines about some of the detail stuff on their myspace and act like you know EVERYTHING about their lives. that'll trip them out. =)

good luck with the 20 and happy news about the hip!