Friday, March 31, 2006

Your Questions Answered

Here are the answers to your questions. These were great questions, by the way. You guys are creative. Be warned, this is a long post.

Courtesy of Nic:

1. Friends - When did you know your best friend was your best friend?
Oooh, that's a hard question. I have never really been a trusting person and have always had more guy friends than girl friends because guys will tell it like it is and aren't judgemental. But, I have one really close girl friend, who I would label my best friend and I don't worry about how dorky I am with her or how she perceives me or even that she talks about me behind her back. I know she will always be my friend and be there for me and me for her.

2. Sex - How do you feel about same-sex marriages?
That's a good question too and very controversial. Well, I am a Jesus Freak, so I believe and am told in the Bible that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman with God. However, I also believe everyone has the right and a natural instinct to love. So, I think our laws should remain marriage between a man and a woman because our country was founded on Christian beliefs, but I think there should be equal rights for all including health care, insurance, etc. Is that totally contradictory? Really, the verdict's still out.

3. Music - Can any song make you cry? What song?
One song that makes me cry is "Letters from War" by Mark Schultz. Mark Schultz is a contemporary Christian artist who sounds a lot like the lead singer from Stix. The song talks about a young soldier who goes off to war and is captured by the enemy and his mother send him letters everyday. And then one day he comes home and surprises his mom and he's got all of her letters she sent him. Chokes me up every time.

4. Drugs - What do you think can be done to clean up the use of steroids in sports? Is there any hope?
When I was a collegiate athlete, drug testing was really important. Not only could the NCAA test you at anytime, but the Big Ten had even stricter rules about testing. There was no way you could have gotten away with doing it. I don't understand why more sports don't have the same strict testing rules. I am not a huge professional sports fan, but I hope that more drug testing will bring back the love of sports. I think there's hope, as long as there is cooperation.

5. Love - Have you ever been IN LOVE with someone who didn't love you back?
Yes. I had a high school boyfriend (serious boyfriend) who I smashed his heart into a million pieces. We were able to become friends again and then became really close again in college. I would even say that I was in love with him again. I suggested to him that we date again and he turned me down saying that if it didn't work the first time that it wouldn't work the second time. Then he started dating another girl and married her. And, although I was dating my husband at the time, it really broke my heart.

6. Open - What do you love the most about your life right now?
This might be a little weird, but I really love my job. I think the best thing that happened to me was to get laid off from my last position. Although I had always wanted to be an engineer, the career transition has been pretty smooth. I think my engineering background helps me a lot in the IT field. I feel challenged, yet confident. And I LOVE the people I work with. I no longer loathe getting up in the morning.

Courtesy of JKR:

1. Friends--Which friend would you take if you were chosen to be on "The Amazing Race" and why?
This sounds so cheesy, but I would probably take my husband, Dave. We're very much opposites, and therefore, make a great team. I'm the type A personality and the athletic one and he's more laid back and the thinker. I think I would give my right arm to be on TAR.

2. Sex--Who is your celebrity "get one free" guy?
So many choices!!! I think Tom Cavanagh. I like the dorky cute, I guess. Or maybe Andre Agassi. I got a think for baldness too. And I've had the hots for him since high school.

3. Music--What song can you absolutely not walk to? When running, of course.
Totally old school, "Free at Last" by DC Talk.

4. Drugs--Will you tell your kids the truth when they ask??
I have never done any drugs, so nothing to hide.

5. Love-- What is the stupidest thing you've ever done..In the name of love??
It didn't seem stupid at the time, although now it's so comical, but the same guy I was talking about above...when he told me he was engaged I actually told him that it was supposed to be me and that we were supposed to get married and that everyone thought that. That was pretty stupid. He didn't choose me...that only happens in the movies. I think I did prettygood with my selection anyway (Hi Dave).

6. Open-- What does your "go to" outfit look like. The one you wear when you have "nothing to wear."
I am through and through a t-shirt and jeans girl. T-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and a hooded sweatshirt.

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Good answers! I can't believe I didn't know you were married... :)