Thursday, March 23, 2006

NOW--No Opportunity Wasted

I am a HUGE fan of The Amazing Race and recently checked out Phil Keoghan's book No Opportunity Wasted: Creating a List for Life. I haven't gotten to read any of it yet (I've still got 5 chapters left in Harry Potter), but Dave's been reading it and I've been checking out the website.

I have been very fortunate and have gotten to do a lot with my life. My parents always encouraged to reach for my goals and I feel like I have. Two years ago I created my first list for life. Here's my list.

-Surf in Hawaii
-Complete an Ironman triathlon
-Attend Wimbledon
-Attend US Open (accomplished this last year)
-Learn to proficiently play the guitar
-Quilt a double-wedding ring quilt (I started this last year and maybe someday I'll finish it)
-Play tennis with Andre Agassi
-Attend the Olympics
-Own my own business
-Have a million dollars
-Learn to speak another language fluently
-Record a demo and send it to record companies
-Own a beach hours and live in it during the summers

So, what's on your list?


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

The number one thing on my list is to graduate college, followed closely by retire to some tropical island and open a beach bar. Good luck with your list.

Meredith said...

Why aren't my comments showing?