Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Toy

Yesterday I alluded to my new toy. Here it is.

This is actually the 550 model. I have the 450 model. The only difference is the 550 model is 7.1MP and the 450 is 5MP. I figure if I'm going to be blowing a picture up that big, I'm going to be using my SLR to take the picture. My SLR is 6.3MP.

Unfortunately, I haven't really gotten to play with my new toy yet. The first day I had to charge the battery and yesterday I ran until it was dark. It wasn't even a pretty sunset to take a picture of. Today will probably be the same way. Hopefully I will get a chance to use it this weekend.

In other news....Andrea is runnning her first ultra this weekend. I think she's crazy, but I wish her luck. Plus she's in Arizona; a place I've never been. My running just sucks right now. I must tell you I've been in constant pain since I came back from being sick--the second week of February! I have pain in my hip, in my quads, in my knees, and especially in my back. It's so frustrating. I know the miles aren't that important at this point, but I just don't feel like I can back off. It's become an obsession. Tonight's plan is for a longer run, but if it's raining I'm just going to go to the gym and swim. I'd rather be able to run my 20 miler this weekend than an 11 miler tonight. I hate this part of marathon training!


jeff said...

ooooh...groovy. my first digital was a powershot. those things are so nice. i still use mine when the slr is too bulky, like trail running or out on the kayak. hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine.

about the pain, have you thought about getting a regular massage? i know it can be pricey, but you might be able to swing a month package at a spa or pt office.

Meredith said...

You know, I've been contemplating a message. I have a list of sports message therapists and I even have a name of an ART guy in Columbus. Here's the thing...I am really, really, really self-conscious. And I kinda have personal space issues (ask Dave) and a stranger touching me (somewhat inappropriately) would definitely be crowding my personal space. Maybe I'll make a call this afternoon and see what's all involved.

jeff said...

that was SO me up until last year. i was at a disneyland resort for a conference and had a really hard workout, and, well, work was paying for EVERYTHING, so i decided to get a massage down at the resort spa.

i was a little freaked out at first to have someone other than my wife touching me, and i had the masseus specifically just work on my legs, but within a couple seconds, the only thing i could focus on was the pain (really, it hurts in a good way). so being touched was the last thing on my mind.

and if it's a neked issue, i've always worn running shorts when i get my massages. also, you can specify if you want a gal or a guy to work on you at most places.

really, give it a shot. they're usually really accomodating. if you even wanted to have dave in there with you, they'd probably let him.