Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I have had to cut back a little on my running this week. I have been having some pain in my hip and my quad for the last couple of weeks and it has gotten to the point where I can't run without limping. I have run some this week, but I backed down the intensity and just got through what I could. I have tried everything for this pain: ice, cold baths, swimming, hot tubs, stretching, lots and lots of Aleve and Advil. Last night, however, I pulled out the FlexAll 454. I looked at the expiration date and it said 06/2002. 2002!!!! But this morning, my hip and quad feel much better and I'm thinking I might be able to do a longer run this afternoon. I'm sure the shorter easier runs this week have made a difference too.

And speaking of expiration, I found out just hold I am yesterday. I coach at the same high school from which I graduated. There's exactly two types of people who live in New Albany. The ones who have been there forever and their entire families have lived in New Albany for ages. Then there are those who are completely new to the area and will only be in NA for a short period of time. I call these kids the CEO-kids. I am one of the first kind as my family has lived in the township where NA is located since 1808. Anyway, most of my high schoolers know that I graduated from there and they love to quiz me about who I know. Yesterday one of the girls started asking me about people and she came across a name of a guy who happened to be in my graduating class. To my surprise it was her uncle. Her uncle was in my graduating class! I am expired!


Michelle said...

Every now and then I go through and clean out the medicine cabinet (well, it's more like a little basket in the linen closet) and am always amused by how long some things have been sitting in there!

Dave said...

Nah, 2002 was just your sell-by date. You're still good. :)

jeff said...

haha dave!

well, m, if you're expired, then i'm a fossil.

Val said...