Monday, June 29, 2015

The July Challenge

Last week I went to a funeral and wore a dress I bought last summer but had never worn.  It's a cute little polka-dotted number that has a natural waste and A-line skirt.  It looks straight out of the '50s.  I absolutely loved it last summer when I bought it.  When I put it on this past week it did not fit well.  It was so tight I was left with a mark around my mid-section where it was squeezing the life out of me.  Plus the natural waste kept rolling up which caused me to fuss with the dress all evening long. 

How did I get this big?  Where has all this weight come from?  Ugh!  I'm disgusted with myself.

Dave too has put on some weight and isn't really happy with it either.  So we concocted a plan.  We're calling it "The July Challenge".  From June 28th - July 31st we will:

1. Eat in every meal, except for Friday lunches at Chipotle.  We meet college friends every Friday for lunch at Chipotle.  Friendship is more important than one meal.

2.  No alcohol.

3.  Exercise every day.

4.  Try to eat Whole30/clean for as many meals as we can. 

The person with the highest percentage of weight loss wins and the other must buy the winner something he/she wants (within reason).

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I do love a challenge. 

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Carina said...

I'm travelling a lot starting this week and for the next month. Last night, I decided my one summer suit would be perfect for this week. Thank GOD I tried it on before packing it. The skirt is zippable but definitely would have split open if I sat down, and if it somehow didn't, it would have been insanely uncomfortable on a flight. Unfortunately, when I'm travelling I seem to have the most trouble eating healthy. Too many restaurant meals, which in and of itself shouldn't be terrible, but then I tend to "treat" myself with ice cream if I feel like we kicked @ss in court. Or if my flight gets delayed. Or...