Monday, January 05, 2009

Columbus Bride Show Day 2

Well we survived "Bride Mania". And boy am I tired. This morning I didn't even hear Dave's alarm go off and I don't remember him getting up or leaving. Between being sick all of last week and being charming all weekend, I need another week off. Unfortunately, it was back to reality today as I was already subbing at the gym.

We far exceeded our expectations at the bride show. We ran a special there where we would take $100 if you would sign a contract and pay the deposit at the show. I really didn't have any expectations. Dave had set a verbal goal of 5 and a secret goal of 10. And....we matched that secret goal. I walked away with 10 signed contracts and I even had to turn three people away because their dates were already reserved. I really think there is more good to come too. Right now our first event isn't until May, but we're really hoping to pick something up before then. We have booked May-October. And there were plenty of dates in 2010 that people inquired about.

To sum it up, I don't have to go looking for a full-time job. And that, that makes me very happy.


Stef said...

I am so glad you did so well at the bridal show, and that you don't have to look for a full time job!

I've thought about having to do that myself recently but it's NOT going to happen.

Congratulations and feel better very soon.

Anonymous said...

hi i was a model at the columbus bride show.... i must say i walked pass your display and it caught my eye through all of the chaos and bridezillas swarming the place! lol... anyway congrats on your success!!

Michelle said...

That is fantastic! this was all for the photo booth, right? Have you put the portrait photography on the back burner, or are you still doing that? I'm so excited you're getting to do something you enjoy for your job!