Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Send a Man to do a Woman's Job

Dave was headed out to the grocery store and asked me if I needed anything. Yes, I did. Feminine supplies. :)

I made him a list of what he needed and was as specific as possible. I gave him brands and types and absorbency and any information I thought would be needed.

He told me that he stared at the aisle so long a woman actually came up and asked him if he needed help. Seriously, doesn't that make you smirk? She helped him and he came home with my items.


They're all wrong. The tampons were the right brand but wrong absorbency. The pads, well, I think I'm going to be wearing diapers. I've already replaced the tampons with the corrects ones with a trip to the grocery store today and tomorrow, if the snow is mostly removed from the roads, I'll head back out to the supermarket and replace the pads. :)

Next time, I'll do it myself.


Michelle said...

well, you gotta at least give him credit for trying. some men would say "no, way, baby. that's all you!" :-)

Dave said...

All right, time for the rebuttal.

1. Michelle is right. Awesome points for me.
2. They did not have the requested tampons, so I got the closest ones I could find. And I was looking for so long because they were on the bottom shelf at the end.
3. The pads met all specs that I was given. Not my fault if the requirements were incomplete.