Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's Merchandise

It's been said that to be a runner all you need is a pair of shoes. And while that may have been the case, and really still should be, there's a lot more technical stuff now that may or may not be necessary.

But today we're talking the real necessity: SHOES!

My shoe I wear is the Saucony Omni 6 moderate. I have been wearing a version of this shoe for about 3 years.

Why Saucony, Meredith?

Well, here's the short answer. Only Saucony and New Balance make shoes specifically for women. All the other shoe companies make smaller versions of their men's shoes. Women have different issues than men. We have wider hips, which means our feet roll differently. And we have smaller heels and narrower feet. Personally I wear a AA width, which you just can't find in the other shoes. They're pretty long wearing. I can easily get between 350-400 miles before I can feel it on my legs.

I love these shoes and I hope Saucony never stops making them. I don't even go to the store anymore to get fitted. I either take in my shoes and say I want the same thing, or I order it online (totally cheaper).

And when you do get a new pair of shoes, make sure you recycle your old ones. :)

What's on your feet?


Michelle said...

I LOVE my Sauconys (do you just add an "s" if it's a proper noun? I don't remember . . . .) even I haven't done much running in a long time, and also like New Balance. I didn't realize they made them differently (i.e. specifically for women vs. smaller sized of men's shoes like the other companies), but that makes sense. Cool!

Anonymous said...

I wear Ascics GT 2130 and I totally buy them online to save $. I've been running for 4 years now and have never worn anything different!

lindsay said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and for the well-wishes this past weekend. they definitely came in handy:)

i did not know this about nb/saucony vs all other brands! definitely good to know. i've been racing in saucony grid type a2's and i love them, mostly because they are so light and the laces have sparkles in them. (i have been called 'sir' one too many times at races so i do everything i can to make sure it doesn't happen)