Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Me-In a List of 25

If you're my friend on Facebook then you've read all these, but there are quite a few of you out there who haven't read these.

And if you're not my friend on Facebook, what are you waiting on? Be my friend!!

1. I have run 11 marathons and currently training for my 12th.
2. I have a tattoo to prove it. I got it to celebrate my 10th marathon.

3. I have done two half Ironmans.
4. I really want to do a full Ironman, but...
5. I hate to bike.
6. I love to swim, though.
7. I've been married to Dave for 6+ years.
8. I have been together with Dave for 9+ years.
9. I have known Dave for 12+ years.
10. I have a horrible phobia of bridges, yet...
11. I have crossed many giant bridges include Manhattan, Sunshine Bridge in Tampa, and Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I might have cried crossing all of those. And I might not have even sat in my seat while crossing the Bay Bridge.

12. I'm hoping to never cross the Golden Gate Bridge, although I'd like to see it.
13. I live in the same town I grew up in.
14. But I dream of living in New York City or Italy.
15. I honestly never want to have kids, but probably will someday because Dave wants one.
16. I have my degree in industrial engineering.
17. I don't work as an engineer anymore.
18. I own my own business.
19. I have suffered with acne longer than I haven't had acne.
20. At 30 I'm still on acne medicine.
21. I wore glasses for 15 years.
22. But I corrected that when I had Lasik eye surgery 5 years ago.
23. It was the best money I've ever spent.
24. I check my e-mail like a billion times a day.
25. And I'm hoping to receive more e-mails because of this list.


lindsay said...

cool list. i'm going to save the idea and copy it (probably soon) when i am even more boring and have even less to write about :)

i like your tattoo, i've thought about getting one running-related but can't commit since it's such a long term thing. oh and the pain that i've set in my mind that comes with it. i need to get lasik too, but again, chicken. i know my contact prescriptions are something like -6.75 and -7.

Anonymous said...

Great idea for the tattoo.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the tattoo!

Meredith said...

The tattoo really didn't hurt. The pain felt like snapping a rubber band on your wrist. It took longer to sign the papers than to get the tattoo.

I'd like to get a second one that says marathon in Greek letters.

Molly said...

Hahaha, I am so glad I'm not the only one who checks their email non-stop :)