Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spinning Wheel

Yesterday I did a 12 mile run...on the treadmill. Yeah, YUCK!

Last week we got hit with major snowstorm and then it turned cold. Really cold. The high on Friday reached all of 5 degrees above zero. This summer it warmed up to maybe 20 and tidY I saw the temperature did not reach 20 which means no snow is melting and it still feels too cold to run outside.

So Coach put together two runs in one day to equal 12 miles. The first 8 miles involved so short 20 second pickups and 3 x 8 minutes with 5 minutes of it in high zone 2 and the last 3 minutes in zone 3. The second run was the last 4 miles was steady in zones 1 and 2.

The run went pretty well especially after I discovered that using a fan pointed right at my face helped to keep my heart rate down while running a decent pace. By the end, though my back was throbbing and my quads were starting to burn.

One more "long" run before my half marathon.


Andrea Hill said...

what's your goal for the half?

lindsay said...

wow 12 miles on the tm. split up or not... that's deadly! you are certainly going to be prepared for the half.

i've been hearing (reading) about other folks having a fan nearby on the tm too. i also felt like my hr was higher and wondered if it was maybe because of the warm cloud of air directly around me. i am definitely going to need to get one.

Dave said...

That's funny, my bike fan recently disappeared...