Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Every runner I know would consider themselves pretty Type A. And any Type A person probably has a tendancy to be a little OCD with a splash of superstition. I, of course, fall into all three categories.

Type A: I'm an engineer. 'Nuff said.
OCD: Yes, I have rituals. I count constantly. When I run I could with every other left step. I count to 50 and start over. I count to go to sleep. I count to wash my face. I count constantly.
Superstitious: Not only do I love my Buckeyes, I'm superstitious about it. I ALWAYS wear the same thing for every football game. And, if I happen to be not watching the game and they're doing well, I'll continue to not watch the game. In fact, I am the reason why the Buckeyes lost to Texas. I wasn't watching the game except I did watch the measurement of that crucial 4th down at the end of the game. It's my fault. Sorry.

I want to know...what category(ies) do you fall into and what makes you Type A, OCD, and/or Superstitious?


Molly said...

Easy one here :)

Type A: I'm a scientist.
OCD: I track my tri training so obsessively, it's not funny. Multiple spreadhsheets and data must be logged IMMEDIATELY after the workout.
Superstitious: I wear the same jeans to every home Sharks game. If I bring a friend and the team loses, that friend can't come back. Again. Ever.

unathleticrunner said...

Type A: I teach small business entrepreneurship. (I'm a Classic entrepreneur)
OCD: I write down everything I eat, each run, etc. I can't sleep until I get each thing written down. (I've woke up and had to get up to write down what I had forgotten)
Superstitious: socks. I have to have the same type of socks on at each race (dri fit asics). Navy blue panties to each home WVU football game.

unathleticrunner said...
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