Friday, January 09, 2009

The Cure for the Winter Duldrums

My friend Andrea is running Rock and Roll Arizona next weekend. Today I got a text from her. She basically said she was super sick of running. I text her back that I was too and I hadn't even started my training yet.

For four years Andrea and I did almost every long run together. No matter how crappy of a week I was having I always knew I had a long run with Andrea to look forward to and make the week a little better. Andrea recently moved to Denver and we've both been training by ourselves. I told her it's been hard to get motivated to go out in the cold all by myself.

Luckily Dave met me after work today and we were able to do most of our runs together. I hope Andrea finds a great running group to boost her motivation after her marathon next week.

Good luck Andrea. Go out there and get your 3:23. I miss you.


Andrea Hill said...

I miss you too... and you beat me to this post! I was going to post about how much I miss you.. I honestly am so glad you've decided to post every day, because it's the first blog I read every morning. Even though we didn't talk every day when I was in Columbus, we had at least once or twice a week to catch up. I really miss that friendship and I'm happy to get a little glimpse into what's going on with you..

ECrunnergirl said...

I hope she does running partner left for 2 weeks over Christmas and we were both suffering without each other. It's amazing the difference in running alone.....