Sunday, January 25, 2009

Famous in a Small Town

When I was sponsored by Team Stayput I tried relentlessly to get my name in the newspapers to no avail. For each mention I would have gotten, I could have received payment from my sponsor which really would have helped defer the costs of my races.

Now that I own my own business I feel like I'm trying once again to get my name out there. While at the Columbus Bride Show a woman approached me asking if me and my business wanted to be on a local TV show to promote VIP Photo Booths. After several weeks of stirring over this proposition, Dave and I finally decided to go forward with this offer.

On Friday we will tape a segment with "Daytime Columbus" to be aired the first week in February. Don't worry, I'll let you all know when it's going to be on so you can set your DVRs. I'm so nervous I'm going to look like a total boob, but I also know this will be very good for the business.

I'm sure Matt Lauer will be calling anytime now.


lindsay said...

that stinks about the local paper when you were sponsored. the paper here has a writer who does a short blurb about the local race results and results of local runners who run elsewhere, so my name pops up here and there when i finish in a decent time. too bad i can't be sponsored by stayput! :(

hope the tv segment goes well. maybe just stay away from the booze and karaoke? ;)

Cilla said...

Hey! I could totally help you with this. I do PR for a relations is my specialty!! Let me know if you need help. I have a lot of media contacts that you might be able to tap into:)