Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston Marathon--Expose

For my birthday last week, Dave got me a Creative Vado HD video camera.  It's one of those small ones like the Flip Video and it's awesome.  We took it to Boston with us and Dave recorded every moment.  There's a lot more I'm not going to show you including my not-so-nice-swear-word-ridden moment in the airport, but this is pretty much my world from the day before until after the race.

So, we'll start the evening before the marathon where I'm chilling out and staying off my feet.

Next is about 5:30am on race day when Dave interviews me about how I'm feeling about the race.

Because Boston is a point-to-point race, Dave only stands in one place during the marathon: about mile 25-1/2.  I spotted him first before he found me.  The funny part is we said exactly the same thing.

Finally, here's my interview post race on my thoughts about the race.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! :) very very cool.

lindsay said...

great vids. you can really tell how stoked (and relaxed) you are in the last one vs all the pre-race ones where you are nervous. completely understandable though! love the part about "finding out if you've chafed", so true. you did awesome!