Saturday, April 18, 2009

We've arrived!

We have arrived in Boston! And despite getting text messages from my friends, I have yet to see anyone I know. That is so weird! There's usually people you recognize and I would have expected it in our tiny airport in Columbus but no, I've not seen anyone.

We got here too late to do the expo today but we did enjoy a nice Italian dinner in the North End, just the two of us. Then I resisted the temptation of Mike's Pastry while Dave did get some gelato.

We are now back at the hotel and I'm feeling water logged. Running a marathon is fun but everything that goes into it is not. Today the hydrating has left me feeling bloated and in constant need of a bathroom.

Some awesome stuff from today:
During our layover in NY, the woman walking in front of us tripped and didn't catch herself or land on her knees, she totally face-planted. And then promptly blamed it on her shoes. :). Then when I was resisting temptation of pastries we saw a woman who had spaghetti all over her. While Dave was waiting in line for his gelato two ambulances and a fire truck came down the road (I always wondered how they manuvered in those tight streets) and it stopped right in front of us. They took the spaghetti woman and placed her on the stretcher and placed her in the ambulance. Awesome!

That's all from day 1 in Boston. I'm taking a lot of pictures and videos but I'm without wifi so I don't know if those will be posted before we get home. For now I'm updating from my phone.

See ya tomorrow.

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you broke 3:30! awesomesauce!