Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Breast Cancer 3 Day

When I decided to do my first marathon, I was no stranger to the sport.  My dad had done several marathons including Boston and my mom had taken on the ultimate challenge and walked the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego (my dad did the training with her and said it was way harder than running).

I have a younger sister who has like a million children (or 4) and we've always thought she would walk a marathon like my mom.  Well, she's gone bolder than just a marathon: she's walking The Breast Cancer 3 Day, which is 60 miles in three days.  She's begun her training and has even asked for my help and advice.  If you know anything about the relationship between my sister and I, this is a MAJOR step.

So why did Amy choose this event instead of doing a marathon?  Because breast cancer has been a major part of our lives.  Our grandmother died from breast cancer and Amy and I both have friends who have or are currently battling the disease.

Amy needs to raise $2300 to participate.  This is where I need your help, Internet.  You guys have always been good to me and others.  Won't you help her?  Even a small donation goes a long way.  Please check out her donation site and please consider donating.

I'll be posting a link on the sidebar too.  Thanks, in advance, friends. 

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