Monday, April 06, 2009

Office Space-Part 1

Five and a half years ago, Dave and I bought our first house.  It was a new build.  We fell in love with the model because it had open spaces, a first floor master, and a fantastic loft that we were looking forward to using as an office.  During these last 5-1/2 years we've done very little decorating.  It's kinda like this....Guess which ones we are...

About two years ago we made big plans for the loft to make it a totally awesome workspace.  After installing the hard wood floor, we made new desks, and then our plans stalled out.  We had painted all the walls except one because our plans were to put in a brick wall and make it look like a loft.  Well, that stuff is expensive and we never did put in the wall.  For the last several years our loft has just become a holding place for stuff.

Then we were watching HGTV a few weeks ago and saw a really cool wall we liked and we started to make plans.  Now that the loft is the office of VIP Photo Booths, I had visions of really cool photo booth artwork on the walls, and a glass door, and really great organization.  The wall vision was all part of this.

For Christmas my mother got me a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.  She also gave me $150 towards landscaping.  Think she's trying to tell me something?  Anyway, I was actually reading through the Better Homes and Gardens and saw that there was a such thing as magnetic paint.  How cool is that? 

And the decision was made.  We bought the magnetic paint and started painting the empty wall.  Here's some pictures of the transformations taking place.

This is what our loft actually has looked like for the past couple of years.  Holy messiness!

See that mess of papers on the floor?  That's stuff to be shredded.  See that shredder right beside it?  Yeah, I broke it, like, a long time ago.  Today I went and bought a new shredder and basically spent the whole day shredding.  Look what I produced...

Finally, the magnetic wall.  It's actually a primer that you have to put two to three coats on to make it really magnetic.  And it looks BLACK!  Here's the first coat:

And here's what it looks like after two plus coats:

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates about our room.  Hopefully, there will be many more to come quickly (as I am tired of the mess).  


Anonymous said...

I wondered if you were going to do just a little section, a wall or the whole loft! I like what you did :) That should be a great start to your HGTV-ing it! :)

Dave said...

We are going to paint a top coat over the black, so even that wall won't just be black forever. :)

Michelle said...

But the black looks so cool! :-)