Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Guest Post

And now for something completely different.  Hi!  I'm Dave, the husband.

Meredith is currently down for the count.  She's in bed with the flu that I had last week.  So, she asked me to guest blog.  Sadly, if she gets this as badly as I had it, she may be out of training for a few days.  The fever currently stands at 101.  :(

So I'll just leave you with a little entertainment.  It may not be the usual quality post by the proprietor, but she's been sent to bed, and I won't take any arguing.  At least unless I'm paid for it.


maria k said...

feel better meredith! you are so dedicated to your daily blogging, im impressed with your brilliant guest blogger to keep up your blogging when you are sick! very clever outsourcing : )

Val said...

You are a nut. Both of you are, actually. Love you guys and hope that Meredith feels much better and that Dave doesn't re-catch it! xoxo

lindsay said...

yikes 101! feel better meredith!!