Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chicken Egg Run

The weekend before a marathon, our running group gets together for one last run and then we cool breakfast for each other over a charcoal grill. And since today is the last weekend before Boston, the tradition continued.

It was a large group this morning, probably about 20 people, and we all ran between 6-9 miles. Myself, it was the first time I had run all week since I got this flu. I had 6 X 20 second intervals that went really well, although now I've got a nagging pain in my hip that it's bugging me. Otherwise, I'm feeling like the workouts and the tapering is working.

Anyway, afterwards we all put on some warm clothes (it was like 40 degrees outside), set the charcoal on fire, and started making eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and other assortments. It was almost too cold to enjoy the food. We all huddled around the grill trying to keep warm and almost in a trance by the smells of the food. So much so, that the potatoes and the bacon got burnt to a crisp. People ate quickly and then headed out to get warm.

I don't get to run with the group often and ever since Andrea moved away I feel no purpose in running with the group unless I'm going to run with my dad, but I do enjoy seeing them and enjoy their support. Andrea, we miss you, but we found out today we're losing two more members of the group to Denver--Niels and Asia. Guess you'll have a few more people to run with.

Hope the Easter Bunny pays you a visit tonight.

Until tomorrow.....

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Andrea Hill said...

whoops, that reminds me, Niels emailed me about Denver awhile back and I never responded~!! :(

See you next week!