Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm gonna need a pedicure

I wrote a while back (of course, I can't find the blog post about it...I'll keep looking) about wanting in 2009 to work on my femininity.  I didn't know that I was going to be pushed by others in this direction. 

My best friend from college is getting married this year and asked me to be in the wedding.  At first I was reluctant: it's a second wedding, it's in California, but I knew it was important to her so I agreed.  She picked out cute dresses from J. Crew.  Of course, she picked pink (tea rose).  Good grief.  Then I was told to pick out any shoes as long as they were gold.

Today I went to DSW looking for gold shoes.  There were like 1000 pairs there and 999 different colors of gold.  First I picked up a pair of wedge sandals, because I wanted to be comfortable.  But after talking with her on the phone while I was in the store, I realized I would be the most dressed down.  So I picked a pair of shoes that will be the fanciest pair of shoes I will ever own.  

Thank goodness my feet don't look like real runner's feet.


Michelle said...

Fun, fun!! ;-)

lindsay said...

cute shoes! i'd never be able to wear them - i DO have runner's feet! :)

Cilla said...

I like the shoes!

Val said...

Those are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see the whole shebang ;)