Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You Give Me Fever

Isn't there some scientific research that says married people get sick less often than single people? And isn't there also research that says athletes get sick less often than those who aren't actively involved in sport?

Well that's just a bunch of crap!

Dave and I have been battling a war of germs for months and we're definitely losing the war. I'm sure it has more to do with the fact I spend all day with kids and we're around A LOT of people with the photo booth, but COME ON, some time this has got to end. Last week Dave was sick. Tuesday morning I woke up at 3:00am thinking I was going to be sick to my stomach. I hurt everywhere. I felt like there was poison running through my veins. I had an intense headache. I took two Advil and went back to bed. I called the gym when I woke up again and told them there was no way I could teach. Throughout the day I battled fevers and aches and pains and unbelievable headaches. After waking up from an evening nap, I could no longer see straight. That's when things got intense. The headache had worsened and now I was seeing double. I called my sister who called her husband (he works in the ER) and they got the paperwork started on me. I took another Advil and waited a little bit. That's when my fever broke, I started sweating, and I could see straight again. I didn't go to the ER.

Today I feel almost back to normal. I'm hungry and I have only a little headache.

I'm so sick of being sick. I have been nothing but sick since September. I like my job as a gymnastics instructor but I care about my health a little more. And I have been washing my hands like a crazy person and eating well and getting plenty of sleep. I'm just apt to sick. And I'm sick of sick.


unathleticrunner said...

I completely agree! Since getting married. I am sick more--I give my sickness to him and he passes it back to me! AND since I've been doing 1/2 marathons I am ALWAYS sick! I don't believe it!

lindsay said...

glad you are almost all better. take it easy chica.

Michelle said...

I think Brian and I were both sick a lot our first year of marriage--getting used sharing those germs or something. :-) And I know you're miserable now, but, I wonder if you stay with the gymnastics teaching, if next year won't be better, since (hopefully), you will have been exposed to most of those "new" germs already. Just a thought . . . . Anyway, hope you're better soon, and both of you are done with illness for a long time!