Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm on Speed

I happened to mention to Coach last week that I was planning on doing one triathlon this summer.  It's a super-short women's only race that includes 400m of swimming, 12 miles of biking, and 2 miles of running.  I didn't figure I would need a whole lot of training for that.  Coach, of course, thought differently.

I've noticed the training in the next couple weeks includes speed, speed, and more SPEED!  This morning it was swimming speed.  2300 meters of nothing but sprints.  First I had to do fast 50s on the 1:00, which I completed around 47-48 seconds.  Then it was fast 100s on the 2:00, which I did around 1:40s.  Finally I had to do 50s at max on the 1:15.  I crushed those around 45 seconds.  And, I swim meters, not yards!  

Hopefully, all this swimming will also be converted into some running speed too.  

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Sara Cox Landolt said...

Wow! Super fast! I hope your women's only tri is fun! I've never done a women's only event and am looking at possible events/races this year too.