Sunday, May 10, 2009

I never imagined how my life would change when I started my own business.  I knew I would be working a lot and I also knew that there would be no one else to pick up the slack but myself.  But I didn't anticipate the people I would meet and the opportunities that would present themselves.  

A few months ago, The Columbus Crew called us to do some pre-season fan events.  The Crew is the reigning MLS Cup Champions with some serious big name stars.  And you know what I have found out by doing four events for them?  They are an amazing club!  They do so much for their fans and give back fully.  Today they put on a Spring Soccer Festival for their season ticket holders where the team gave autographs and there were games and arts, etc.  We had the photo booth there and were surprised to find out we'd have a team member in the booth to take pictures with and get autographs from.  Midfielder Adam Moffat spent two hours in our booth, laughing it up, making silly faces, and talking our ears off.  He is a great guy as is all the players.  Oh yeah, he's from Scotland and has a super-sexy voice.  He he he!

We have been really impressed with The Columbus Crew.  We are super-excited they have been working with us and we're really looking forward to working with them again.  And as soon as I pull out the pictures, I'll have to add the great ones Amy and I took with Adam.

Thanks again, Crew, for being amazing!

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Sara Cox Landolt said...

Sounds interesting! & the soccer shoot sounds fun too. I grew up playing soccer. & I agree on Scottish accents--very nice. I went to Scotland as a kid (11yr), my best friend lived in Largs. I hope to go back someday.