Monday, May 18, 2009

Full Day of Workouts and Awesomeness

This morning started with a short swim.  I got to the pool around 9:15 and all the lanes were full.  I was content to wait my turn, but others decided I should share a lane.  So, I jumped in with an older dude and hugged the line for half of my workout.  Then a lane opened up and I scurried on over there.  Before even pushing off the wall, someone else decided they wanted to share my lane and I was stuck right next to the wall.  With 8 laps left, I finally switched to my 3rd lane and was all by myself for the cool down.  My favorite part of the workout was afterwards when the lifeguard asked me if I swam in college.  Gosh!  How fast am I getting?  :)

Then this evening Dave and I went downtown to meet COTT so that Dave could practice open water swimming.  While there I had a conversation with a VERY good triathlete who had raced Memphis in May the day before.  We were talking about running and sponsorship and then he asked me if I had run in college.  Twice in one day?!  Seriously, what is going on?!


lindsay said...

so when are you going to get some sponsors? :) great compliments - i know you are a speedy runner and i doubt doubt you swim like a fish!

unathleticrunner said...

Were you a college athlete? hehe--wanted to make it 3 times! That is exciting stuff! You probably already have but, if you need a idea for a post, I would love to see a "normal" swim workout for you. I am trying to get into this swimming thing!

Meredith said...

I was a collegiate athlete. I was a coxswain for the varsity womens rowing team at Ohio State. I only did it a year as my point in going to school was to get my degree in engineering, which I did