Sunday, May 24, 2009

(Not So) Lazy Sunday

First of all, IronMatron....every time I try to comment on your blog, it bounces.  What up?  Can you fix that?

Ever since I started my business and Dave started training for Ironman our house has just fallen into ruin.  It looks absolutely horrible!  This includes the landscaping which we did not touch once last year.  Now that there's a million houses for sale in our neighborhood, including our next door neighbor's, we decided it was time to work on the landscaping.  And since Dave had an "off" weekend from training we tackled it with full force today.  

We have a back paver patio which we did ourselves 3 years ago and had landscaped it when we put it in.  Last year we let the grass grow all around it again including around all the landscaping we had put in.  So we started early, early this morning by digging up the sod again.  We then put in edging so the grass wouldn't grow up it again.  Next we put in new top soil and covered the soil with the mesh stuff that keeps the weeds away.  Did I mention we had dandelions the size of small children out there?  And they had teeth like little kiddos too!!  Finally we finished it off with new mulch.  We got half of the landscaping done.  Tomorrow we hope to do the second half of it.

On top of all that, we watched some car racing, tennis, and baseball.  And, oh, I rode my bike to spin out the legs.  Yeah, it's been a busy but productive day.  

Now if we could only tackle the inside of the house with as much veracity as the outside, this place would be immaculate.  


IronMatron said...

My house and landscaping are A MESS. Our lawn looks fabulous, though, b/c that's my husband domain! Good job getting out there... I'm so not motivated.
So the comments bounce back? Hmmm. Why? What is up with that? I will try to check out the prob....

unathleticrunner said...

Landscaping DOES count as cardio! :)

Michelle said...

wow--impressive. Hubby and FIL are cutting down 2 trees in our yard as I type. I have to be inside, of course, to keep an eye on the children . . . .;-)