Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SPF 30+

I denote this, "Summer of the Sports Bra Run."

Day number 1 was Saturday when the temperature wasn't too hot, but the humidity was through the roof.  Ah, midwest living!  I actually started out in a shirt, but half way through took it off.

Day number 2 was today when it was over 80 degrees and without the wind, I thought I was running in a volcano field.  

Why am I running in a sports bra?  Maybe to get a tan?  Maybe because I have a rockin' new body thanks to coach?  Maybe I don't want to do a lot of laundry this summer?  Or, maybe because as a 31 year old I should start feeling comfortable in my own skin and be pushing myself beyond my limits maybe I can achieve that?  

I don't notice if I get a whole bunch of stares when I run but I definitely noticed today.  Probably because I wasn't exactly feeling comfortable with showing my belly.  Lots of dudes giving me the thumbs up, but my favorite was when this women gave me a dirty look.  I'm guessing she was probably a little jealous of my physique or maybe it was the glare off my incredibly white belly that was causing one eye to squint.  :)

My favorite part of the run today has nothing to do with my uncomfortableness.  (Is that a word?)  Since I stopped running with partners I have taken a liking to running with my iPod, but to rid the bad tan lines, I haven't been running with it for the last week or so.  So today it was just me and my thoughts on an interval run.  Not a good combination.  I kept hearing this chinging, like a dog running with me with a chain around it's neck.  I heard it for miles.  And then I figured it out.  My running shorts I was wearing are weird and have the key pocket in the back, you know, against my butt.  I was carrying our extra key which has a safety pin attached to it.  Yes I thought I was being followed by a dog when really my butt was chinging.  Nice!

This was my last hard workout of the week.  There's a race to be run this weekend!

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Melissa said...

Hi Meredith.. thanks for your comment... I LOVE wearing just a job bra when tan of course. Hey, did you haver get a change to do the RAGBRAI?