Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Meredith's Miscellany

  • Dave is the king of finding all things on discount, including dinner.  Tonight was a free meal from KFC that we waited in line for 45 minutes for.  Worth it, though.
  • I swam the longest swim today that I have since I started working with Liz.  Secretly I think she's trying to make me into a triathlon.  Honestly I don't mind the swimming.  Although, today my neck is sore from swimming.
  • I went to the high school track meet last night and realize I don't miss coaching AT ALL.  
  • I am such a sap for shows ending.  Even though ABC claims to be bringing back Scrubs, it will not be the same without Zac Braff.  Yes, I cried like a baby tonight when the episode ended.  
  • I am highly motivated and excited about my summer of running and racing.  If I didn't have such high expectations for myself, I would probably share my excitement with you guys.  :)  I just don't want to set myself up to fail.
  • I swear my blog posts will get better, someday.  


Stef said...

I cried too watching Scrubs (though I truly feel that it has sucked the last few seasons I could not stop watching). My FAVE TV show EVER!

lindsay said...

i can sympathize on that next to last point. good luck and hope you meet all of your goals so you can share them with us!