Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Baby Picture!!

Let me preface this entry by saying, I understand that as a patient I should be my own advocate, do my own research, be on top of things, etc.  But, I have never been pregnant before and although I am trying to be my own advocate, I'm also doing what I'm told.

Today was our appointment with our high risk doctor, which included another ultrasound for a growth analysis.  Our appointment was for 7:30 in the morning.  Awesome, first appointment of the day!  We got there several minutes before our appointment and waited in the lobby.  At 7:40 I was called back where they got my vitals: weight (ugh), blood pressure, heart rate.  Then they sent me back to the waiting room, again.  Finally, after 8:00 I was called back for the ultrasound.  Call me crazy, but if your staff doesn't get there until 8:00, maybe you should begin your appointments at, say, 8:00?  We were walking back with the ultrasound chick and the first thing she says to us is "Why are you here?"  Um, what?  We were told to be here today at this time.  She's all, "you weren't supposed to be here until your third trimester."  Again, following directions given to me.  Then she kind of just flew through the ultrasound, pointing things out quickly, but not really explaining things.  I felt rushed and dissatisfied with this part of the appointment, but in the end, baby looks good and healthy.  Unlike what my regular OB said last visit, the baby is laying sideways with its head on my left hip and its feet on my right hip and it's back laying along the bottom of the uterus.

Thank goodness our doctor is super-chill.  We just love him and really wish he was the one delivering our baby.  He said everything is great.  He is still super okay with me continuing to workout and even suggested using some compression socks to battle varicose veins (no I don't have any, yet).  He was okay with us traveling late in February by car (Dave's thinking about doing Rock 'n Roll New Orleans).  And he wants to do another ultrasound in late January to check the growth again.

Despite the rough start to the day, everything turned out great.  Baby is doing really great and we are excited that things are going so well.  And look how cute it is? 


Colleen said...

We were told the growth analysis was done at 20 weeks. Did you already have one then or was this that appointment... and if that was the case, what was this ultrasound chick smoking. Maybe she should go work for your other doctor. :)

Glad that everything is going well!

Jamie said...

Look at that arm. It is going to be a swimmer!