Monday, December 03, 2012

Wrestling with the Body Pillow

The doctor told me at my last appointment that I needed to be sleeping on my side.  This is difficult for me as I am a back sleeper.  I look like a corpse when I sleep - flat on my back, arms across my chest, no movement.  When I had shingles (or whatever it was) a year and a half ago, I could only lay on my left side, so I built a wall of pillows so that I could lay comfortably on my side all night.  I had heard that pregnant chicks like using body pillows, so I got one. 

The thing is huge.  It is literally the size of me.  So now it's me, Dave, pillow, and Sloopy all in one.  It's just too much.

The first night I slept with the pillow, I only made it about half the night.  My left arm was asleep and my back was killing me.  Screw it!  I just slept facing whatever direction I wanted and could get comfortable.

The second night I slept the whole night with it, but when I woke up in the morning I had my arms and legs around the pillow, yet I was sleeping on my back.  Hilarious! 

I don't get it.  How am I supposed to stay on my side and not have my left arm fall asleep?  Plus, it hurts my shoulder and clavicle.  And, am I supposed to lay my big baby belly up on the pillow because it's just not that big?  Do I have to lay on my left side the whole night? 

Baking this baby is so complicated.

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Jackie said...

I was a back sleeper too when I was pregnant. I would start out on my side, either side btw. If I woke up and was on my back (which was every night!) I would roll over. You can only do so much, you're asleep!! Try propping yourself up with the pillow behind you.