Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week in Review

Monday - 1500 yard swim - 300 swim, 800 pull, 400 swim

Tuesday - 3 mile neighborhood walk with Dave
Being that it was Christmas and we both had the day off, Dave and I bundled up and took to the neighborhood for a longer walk.  It was slower than normal (I'm getting slower) but it was good to get it done.

Wednesday - 1/2 hour shoveling snow
I know, I know.  Go ahead and stone me about why I should not have been shoveling snow.  But, I thought I could just use this snow shoveling as a workout.  I have an ergonomic shovel and I was being safe.  Later in the night, though, my back was killing me.  I've had issues during this pregnancy with previous injuries and shoveling the snow definitely aggravated them.  I slept horribly and by Thursday I was still feeling pretty crappy.  Next time I'll make Dave get the snow blower out of the basement instead of using the shovel.

Thursday -  1.5 mile walk, treadmill / 1 hour prenatal yoga
This was hilarious.  First of all, I'm not too much into the yoga thing.  I don't really feel like I get a whole lot out of it and overall I find it kind of boring.  But, I thought maybe I should try it again now as I'm not very flexible and maybe it could help me in the whole labor and delivery process.  So, I did a prenatal yoga video at home.  The people in the video show you how to modify each pose depending on your trimester.  Sure, I probably could have been following the third trimester poses, but since I'm a little small and still can reach okay, I followed the second trimester poses.  My dog kept helping me out too by bringing me her toys or sitting right in front of me.  But my favorite part was at the very end of the exercise when you lay on your side and go through the mediation and relaxation.  I kid you not, my dog crawled up next to me and laid down on her back and did the same thing.  I wish I had a picture of this. 

Friday - Off

Saturday - 3 mile winter wonderland walk

Sunday - Off

Swim - 1500 yards
Walk - 7.5 miles
Other - 1 hour yoga, 1/2 hour shoveling

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