Monday, December 10, 2012

The Cleanse

This week is another week of baby appointments.  Tomorrow we meet with the high risk doctor and have another ultrasound and an evaluation of how the baby is growing.  Wednesday I start my two week appointments with my regular OBGYN and this appointment includes my glucose test.

The glucose test consists of drinking a potion that I hear tastes awful, then waiting an hour, and then having your blood drawn (or peeing in a cup?).  Your sugar levels are tested to see if you are at risk for gestational diabetes.  The doctor told me I did not have to fast for the test (good thing, it's not until 1:50 in the afternoon), but that I should be careful not to eat a lot of sugar that day.  (My sister said she had to fast for her glucose tests.)

Confession: Sugar probably makes up about 80% of my diet.  Ugh!  I hate myself for that.  (Okay, 80% might be an exaggeration, but I do eat A LOT of sugar.)

I am so screwed.

So, I decided today to try to cut out the sugar until after the test on Wednesday to make sure my system was rid mostly of sugar.  This takes a lot of work on my part to make sure I don't eat sugar.  I've had to rework everything.  For example, I usually eat toast for breakfast with cinnamon and sugar.  If I eat cereal, I usually put sugar on it.  I had toast with honey on it this morning.  At least it's a natural sugar, right?  The day of the test, I'm going to make some eggs.  I love a good evening snack of a hot chocolate or a piece of pie, but I'll have to wait until after the test Wednesday.

But you better believe, I'm having a candy bar as soon as this test is over!


Andrea Hill said...

In trying to cut out sugar, I've started using a lot more spices. Maybe keep the cinnamon, and consider adding ginger? It's not AS sweet but it adds flavor.

..:danielle:.. said...

haha i think you make me laugh every time you write something. mmmm sugar. my glucose test is at the end of january, ive already protested.

Val said...

How'd the glucose test go? I didn't see this in time to recommend you choose the orange drink and make sure it's chilled, hehe. It's not so bad. I also apparently missed a post about why in the world you are high risk in the first place. What's going on w/ that?