Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Sight to be Seen

Our running group has been exploring new places to run this winter.  We've done this mostly because people outside the normal group have requested it, yet no one new has shown up to the group.  Today the group run was at Sharon Woods Metropark which has a 3.8 mile paved loop trail.  It was cold again this morning (winter may go on forever!!!) and I was not looking forward to walking this distance by myself.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately for her) Bridget broke her ankle a few weeks ago and came out to the group workout to walk.  We were a sight to be seen.  Me and my big belly wearing running attire.  She was wearing her boot, a winter coat, and a backpack she weighted down to get in an extra workout.  I did enjoy the company, though, and the walk went pretty quickly.  Two of the others finished their loop and came back to join us, which turned out very fortunate as Bridget slipped on a patch of ice and almost fell grabbing onto Rich and me.  Good gosh, we're a bunch of misfits.

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