Friday, February 15, 2013

Third Trimester's a B!tch

*Warning: This could be a gross post.*

An acquaintenance of mine, who gave birth a few months ago, put a status on her Facebook status that said, "No one warned me about third trimester nausea."  I kept that statement stashed away in the back of my brain in case I needed it.  Sure enough, third trimester came and I have been sick. 

This has been different than first trimester nausea.  First trimester nausea was down in my belly.  Smells and foods would make me queasy.  Third trimester nausea has all been about heartburn/reflux.  The baby has gotten big and is pushing everything that's inside my belly out of the way.  I haven't felt hungry in weeks yet I've got to keep eating.  But when I eat, it seems like some of it gets to my stomach, and the other just collects in my throat.  Then when I lay down to sleep my throat turns to fire and then once I am asleep I will involuntarily vomit in my mouth several times throughout the night.  I know, YUCK!!  Last night was the height of it and I just couldn't sleep at all.  I was awake until 4:00am when I gave up and just tried to sleep.

By my admission, I should be eating smaller more frequent meals, I shouldn't be eating late at night, and I should probably avoid spicy foods and chocolates.  I'm not doing any of that, although, I am trying.

I have talked to my doctor multiple times about this and she just keeps telling me to eat Tums.  Listen, I have been eating Tums like they're candy.  I've gone through, like, 80 in the last couple of weeks.  This is why the baby is getting so big - all that calcium.

Dave and I, being the nerds we are, have scoured the internet for solutions.  Most of them, I've already tried or already knew about.  But then I found one today that I should have tried. 


The last couple of years when I was trying to do the damn ironman and struggled with my nerves, a friend of mine suggested using ginger to settle my stomach.  Of course, you and I both know that there were bigger things going on besides just a nervous subject.  Anyway, when I found out I was pregnant, the day before I left for London, the nurse suggested to me that if I was struggling with morning sickness to try ginger pills.  Because we were going to be out of the country, I bought the ginger and packed it with me, yet I never had used it.   So, when I was googling about reflux and pregnancy, one of the suggestions was ginger pills.  Well, shoot!  I have those.  I found them and tried them out and....

It was a miracle!  It didn't necessarily kill the reflux as my throat was still on fire, but I was able to nap and sleep multiple hours at a time without being awakened by vomit.  Although it hasn't been a complete solution (and I don't think that complete solution will be coming for the next 6+ weeks), it has certainly been a big help.

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Val said...

I'm so glad you discovered ginger and that it is working. Better late than never, right? =)