Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Menu

This is not a new recipe for us, but the easiest recipe in the world I'd like to share with my readers.  This recipe was introduced to us from my mom while we were on vacation with the family last spring.  I like to call it "Homemade Chipotle Bowl".

Place thawed chicken breasts in the crock pot/slow cooker.  We use the number of chicken breasts we're going to eat.  Two people = two chicken breasts.  Then cover the chicken breasts with salsa.  We then cook ours for four hours.

When the chicken is done we layer it up like a chipotle bowl.   We make rice, put the salsa chicken on top of it, then maybe some guacamole, cheese, sour cream, beans, etc.  And the finished product:

(Grrrr, not happy that somehow Blogger has changed their picture uploader and now I can't change the size of my pictures.)

World's easiest dinner and not all that bad for you.

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