Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday's Menu

Dave tried out a new recipe last week. While we planned on eating this meal earlier in the week, I dragged my feet until later in the week.  I really didn't want to try this meal.  Why?  Because this meal was vegetables and vegetables only.  Are you kidding me? 

Here's the recipe for this vegetable stew.

We started out at the grocery.  Gah, I hate to grocery shop, especially in the produce aisle.  Not only do I not know what half of that stuff is, I have no idea how to pick any of the items.  Seriously, when Dave sends me to the grocery store to pick out avocados for guacamole, I just stare and hopefully one will just jump into my cart.  After the produce aisle, Dave needed to pick up some spices.  Oh my stars!  We have oodles of spices at home.  How can we not already have what he was looking for?!  Somehow we made it home without any cupcakes or oatmeal creme pies in the cart (I'm pregnant, give me a break!) and began work on the recipe.

I may not like fruits and vegetables, but they're always so pretty.

While Dave was making this meal, I was asking about the spices.  I've had terrible reflux with this pregnancy and I did not want to spend the evening sick because of something I could control.  Dave said he would limit the spices he would put on my dish.

The finished product.

My conclusion....this meal didn't have a lot of flavor.  To me it was just mushy vegetables, especially the squash.  Dave took a bite of mine and said his was completely different because of the spices.  Dave kept the leftovers for lunches and poured even more spices on it when he reheated it.  Myself, I didn't eat any leftovers and I don't think I'll be requesting this for dinner again.  Well, at least I didn't get reflux that night.

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