Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week in Review

Monday - 1200 yard swim
All I could handle today was a 1200 yard pull.  Dave swam circles around me today.

Tuesday - 3.25 mile run/walk, treadmill
3 miles as 2.5 minute walk, 2.5 minutes run
0.25 mile cool down walk

Wednesday - 3.25 mile run/walk treadmill
3 miles as 10 minute walk, 5 minute run
0.25 mile cool down walk

Thursday - Off

Friday - Off

Saturday - 3 mile walk outside
It looked a lot nicer and warmer than it was outside.  I was kind of cold throughout the walk.

Sunday - Off
I had wanted to run a 5K today while Dave was running the 10K, but decided not to as it wasn't worth the money.  The rest of the day was busy with birthing class and basketball game.  A little frustrated that I didn't make time for myself today.

Swim - 1200 yards
Run/Walk - 9.5 miles

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