Sunday, February 03, 2013

Week in Review

Monday - 3 mile walk/run
First two miles were 3 minutes walk, 2 minutes run.
Last mile descending speed per quarter mile walk.

Tuesday - 2 mile neighborhood walk
We had great weather today so Dave and I took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  It wasn't a fast walk.  It wasn't continuous because of the dog.  But 2 miles is 2 miles, right?

Wednesday - 2 mile walk treadmill
Although it was warm today, it was raining so I just hit the treadmill for an easy walk.  I had wanted to do three miles, but two miles is all I could manage.

Thursday - Off

Friday - Off

Saturday - 2500 yard swim
You can read about that swim here.

Sunday - Off
I had fully intended on doing a walk today, on the treadmill, in the morning while Dave was at his race.  But I enjoyed laying around in my pajamas, blogging, watching the news, taking a long hot shower.  Pretty much doing anything except working out.  Before we knew it, it was time to go to our birthing class and then we met my parents for dinner afterwards.  I hope to do more walking/working out next week.

Swimming - 2500 yards
Run/Walk - 7 miles

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