Saturday, February 02, 2013

Swimming in Tribute

Dave is participating in an indoor triathlon tomorrow so he wanted to hit the pool this morning for a few warmup laps.  That was fine by me as it was about 10 degrees outside and that didn't sound all that great to me for joining the group run.  Dave's plan was to swim about 1600 yards, so I said I would pull continuously until he was done.  I started out and things felt great.  Swimming is so much easier on the body than running/walking or anything else this late in my pregnancy.  I wish I could find a way to do it everyday.  Because I was swimming continuously and Dave was doing intervals of this and that, when he stopped at the wall after his warmup, I was already 100 yards ahead of him.  So then I thought, well, if he wants to swim 1600 I'll swim 1800 and get in a mile.  About 48 laps into that (72 laps is a mile), I was still feeling really good so I thought why not make this a tribute swim.  My friends Anne and Star are running the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler today, so why not swim a length of the pool for each mile they would run.  This would be 2500 yards which is the furthest I have swum since any ironman a year and a half ago.  When Dave finished his swim, I told him I was going to keep going and that I probably had 20ish minutes left.  He was okay with that, so I went.  And it was easy.  And it was fun.  And I finished that 100 laps and felt empowered.


Val said...

You amaze me. I'd have been dead on the bottom 4 lengths in. =(

Just Kristal said...

I'm with Val, amazed! Great Job! My one true regret in life is never learning to swim :(