Friday, February 08, 2013

Foto Friday

This week I was wanting sweets, specifically cupcakes. I knew there were some cupcake shops in town, but they were all downtown. Call me old, but I don't like to go downtown if I don't have to. So I started Googling and I found a cupcake shop about 15 minutes away from home. After lots of texts and scrutinizing the menu, I finally got Dave to take me there today. And this is the yumminess that I found.

It was so good. I want 100 more please!


Colleen said...

WOW! That looks amazing!!!

Melissa C said...

That looks AMAZING! Can you let me know where it is so that next time I am around, I can go there?

Also, have you ever tried Sugardaddies? We saw them on the food network, and they do Blondies/Brownies, and are located at near Polaris.