Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmases #2 and #3

Christmas #2 was at my parents' house on Christmas eve.  It was CRAZY TOWN!!!  I swear my sister's kids must have had 10 gallons of soda each!  After the wrapping paper was flown and all the boxes were cleaned up, we had a great Christmas with the family.  Dave and I were gifted a new chest freezer which is great because our 27 year old fridge/freezer doesn't exactly have a lot of room, plus we had to leave our previous freezer at our old house.  We were also gifted six months of drinking water supply.  Great gift!  Personally, I got a new pair of Oiselle running tights.  Anderson got a billion matchbox cars.  The biggest surprise was a family trip THIS COMING WEEKEND!!! to a very large indoor water park.  More details and pictures next week.

Christmas #3 was our personal Christmas with just the three of us - well, plus my parents who came over to watch Anderson open his gifts.  I got a new reflective vest that also has flashing lights in it.  I also got a new training log.  And my coolest gift was a large map of the US.  Weird?  I'll explain next week.  Anderson got some cool toys and lots of camping equipment.  Yep, we're planning on camping this summer.  Well, maybe.  Maybe it will just be Dave and Anderson in the back yard.  I got Dave a new tool for our renovations and an entry into a local half marathon.  Is that a good gift?  I would have loved it.  I'm not so sure Dave was excited.

It was a great Christmas with fun family and cool gifts.  I enjoyed watching Anderson open his gifts and get excited about his toys.  Christmas has a whole new meaning with the little one.  I enjoy it so much more.  I hope you all had a happy holiday.

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Carina said...

Every year I feel like we have a few like that -- gifts I choose that I would love so much and I'm not quite sure the recipient feels the same.