Sunday, December 07, 2014

Week in Review

Alright.  First week back to training.  I started so well with the week and kind of faded out by the end.  There's a part of me that was so excited to get back to training and another part of me that was like, "uh, I just want to stay in bed."  Really, I didn't do that bad, but I'll try to do better next week.

Planned - 40 minute run with drills
Actual - I was on the track by 6:30am in the rain/snow and no, I was not the only crazy out there.  Got it done.  I was home by 7:30am and still had to wake everyone up.  4.5 miles

Planned - 1900 yards swim with drills, pulling, and fast stuff; 30 minutes of basic strength
Actual - That was a rough re-entry to organized swimming.  My arms felt like there were going to fall off.  Loved the strength workout.  1900 yards and 30 minutes of strength with 1/2 mile warmup/cool down.

Planned - 45 minute easy run
Actual - Ugh!  Some days you have it; some days you don't.  I had procrastinated all day and didn't get on the treadmill until after dinner.  I felt fat and slow and unmotivated.  I only did 3 miles in 28 minutes.

Planned - 2300 yard swim with lots of pulling; 15 minute core workout
Actual - Um, yeah.  We'll move this to next week.

Planned - 30-60 minute spin
Actual - I'd better get used to riding my bike.  There will be a lot of it in the next year.  45 minutes of easy spinning (8.34 miles) while watching "The Wonder Years" on Netflix.

Planned - 50 minute progressive run; hip strength; ab strength
Actual - Again, lazy.  I'll move this to next week too.

Rest Day

Swimming - 1900 yards
Biking -  8.34 miles
Running - 8.5 miles
Strength - 0.5 hours

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