Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Momma Drama

The boy is quickly approaching the age of two and with that "the terrible twos".  He has certainly been asserting his independence and letting others know who is boss.  While I am totally behind this (I am woman, hear me roar!), it has caused us a bit of drama that I haven't been prepared to handle. 

We have been going to the library for Baby Story Time for several months now.  The age groups are broken down from 6 months to 18 months and 18 months to 3 years.  Anderson turned 18 months in the middle of this fall session.  Even at 18 months, he was bigger than the other kids.  The kid is a giant!  Anyway, at the end of each story time the instructor gets out toys for the kids to play.  As Anderson has gotten older, he's gotten a little more possessive of "his" toys.  He will yell at kids and at times has even pushed or hit the kids.

Twice this fall another mother has gotten a little snippy with ME about this.  This has been a bit of a surprise to me and I haven't known exactly what to do.  Usually I tell Anderson no and then remove him from the situation.  I've asked others for advice and so far, I guess I'm doing the okay thing.  The interesting thing is, it is only at the library that this happens.  At the Y he plays by himself despite there being often many kids in child care.  And at home, he is very creative about keeping himself entertained.

Let's be real, Anderson is most likely to be an only child.  I really don't see myself having another child.  I feel complete with Anderson and I cannot imagine spreading my love to another child. 

So moms I need your help.  How do I teach my child how to share as an only child?  How do I teach him to be polite to other kids and be giving?  Any advice is appreciated.

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