Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday's Menu

I'm on a quest to get healthy, fit, and fast!  I would lovelovelove to get Whole30 a-go, but I've tried and tried and can't get past the first few days of cravings.  I always cave and wind up with cake or a martini.  So, I'm slowly starting to build my nutritious meals in hopes that some day I can actually make it through a whole month (and training cycle).

My new favorite breakfast is actually courteous of The Biggest Loser tv show and is Whole30 approved.  It's very simple too (although clean up is a different story).  Basically, you cut open an avocado, crack and egg into each half of it, and then cook it at 350 for 20 minutes.  Then we eat it with salsa.  It is so yummy!

As I've said, clean up is a different story.  The egg usually gets all over the pan and then is baked on.  Our dishwasher and terrible water does not do the job.  I try to remember to immediately put water and soap into the pan and let it soak.  Then I usually have to use a spatula to scrape it all off before actually washing.  If someone has a better idea, please let me know.

What's your favorite healthy breakfast?


Carina said...

I've been on a green smoothie kick for several years. Sometimes I feel like it's my only healthy meal of the day, but it's better than nothing.

Amy B. in Charleston said...

Not sure what kind of pan you are cooking it on, but could you just put aluminum foil under it and then ball up the foil and throw it away after?

Anne said...

Oatmeal with fruit and almonds and hemp hearts and chia seeds and maple syrup.