Monday, December 08, 2014

Dear Santa

Yesterday we attended a family holiday party for Dave's work.  It was crazy, loud, and crowded, but we still tried to have a good time.  We started with brunch, did some crafts, and then got Anderson's picture taken with Santa.  Anderson wasn't too cool with Santa this year.  He didn't like being with someone he didn't know and he DID NOT want to sit on his lap.  As you can see from this series of pictures, there was no trust with the old man.

And that's as good as it got.  I don't think we'll be trying out "mall Santa" this year to see if we can do better.  I think we'll leave this as a humorous memory and try again next year.

1 comment:

Val said...

Haha, those ARE great pictures, though. =) Probably best to leave it be and try again next year. He's not the reason for the season, anyway, though it looked like this particular jolly good elf was pretty patient! =)